The Best Review Of All Free iOS Apps For Making Beats On The iPhone And iPad

iPad and IPhone beat making apps

You want to start making beats right? But you don’t have enough money for all of that nice gear that everyone else has right? A decent PC or MacBook, some expensive software or some cheesy free version or cracked pirated version that you should not have, you naughty person you, some decent sounds, a microphone, an audio interface, and a whole lot of YouTube videos to get you going.

Well gone are those days that required a lot of money and expensive software to get started. As you surely know through your Google search to find my website, as long as you have an iPad or an iPhone in your hands, you have access to a ton of capabilities to be able to make beats. But what is the best app to use? Is there a best app to use? Or should you be using a combination of apps? Can some of the apps work as VSTs? Can you record things from start to finish making a beat and recording lyrics and having something that’s actually ready to deliver? That plus more are the things we plan on exploring on this page.

Here is a list of all of the free iPhone iPad beat making apps available that we will review

  1. Garageband
  2. Reason Compact
  3. Super Pads
  4. Tize
  5. Auxy
  6. Blocs Wave
  7. Beat wave
  8. Groovebox
  9. Groovepad
  10. Figure
  11. Beatmaker
  12. Band labs

GarageBand For iOS

Literally the number one free app for making beats and likely the number one app period for making beats is likely GarageBand! I mean there are so many options from recording a beat from scratch to vocal layering and much more that I did not have enough time to explore them on this video. This app is the best for both pros and amateurs. You can still check out the other apps below as there may be some hidden gems in them with their sounds, but no doubt you will want to learn the ins and outs of GarageBand!

  • User Friendliness: 5
  • Wow Factor: 5
  • Sounds: 5
  • Overall: 5

Reason Compact For iOS

Three tracks. Drums, bass, and a synth. If you are looking for anything else, then you came to the wrong app. Reason Compact is very limiting and likely so in order to encourage the use of their full software on an actual computer. That’s cool and all, but we pro beat makers want everything in the palm of our tapping ass hands! So please update this with at least one more instrument track and maybe I’ll, I mean, we’ll be happy! Signed, your loyal underground beat maker. 

  • User Friendliness: 3.5
  • Wow Factor: 2.5
  • Sounds: 3.5
  • Overall: 2.5

Super Pads

It’s hard to like Super Pads at all with the missing options and only being able to record using one kit at a time. Also with no play option available to play back your track before actually saving it, that means you can’t practice shit! You either share, or you delete that crap immediately! The loops and sounds are extremely loud samples of some famous songs but their song library is surely not diverse. You cannot record multiple tracks let alone vocals. Overall it’s just a app that uses nice graphics, loud sounds, and cute stylings to likely entice 
young users to sign up monthly on their parent’s dime. 

  • User Friendliness: 0
  • Wow Factor: 0
  • Sounds: 2
  • Overall: 1.2


Tize proved itself to me to be a great contender in the free beat making app world. Besides the annoyance of not having a redo option, and the undo option not working right, this app performed flawlessly and has a lot of pro features built in. Truly I can tell that the app creator focused heavily on building a great DAW app for free in hopes to make money from sound downloads. I think it’s a great model and worth the try for any budding iphone beat maker. This is actually one free app that you can start a beat from scratch, mix it, and record vocals in it like a real DAW!

  • User Friendliness: 4
  • Wow Factor: 3.5
  • Sounds: 3
  • Overall: 3.5


The sounds and loops I got a chance to use truly wowed me! Auxy starts off looking simple but packs a great punch. It is a step sequencer for making beats but not for playing instruments or recording vocals. But outside of that, it still put a smile on my face while making a beat. I literally had this beat stuck in my head for a few days. They limit you on a lot for the free version, but it’s worth playing around with. I could also see exporting the sounds and using them in another program. Check it out.

  1. User Friendliness: 3.5
  2. Wow Factor: 3.5
  3. Sounds: 4
  4. Overall: 3.5

Blocs Wave

They got blocks, and they have waves! Don’t ask for much else. But it is actually fun to use. The loops I have heard before on the looperman website. It seems possible that they take royalty free loops and give you an app to easily combine them in a fun way. It lacks professional features but packs a good solid GUI for having fun. You can also record vocals, so I could really see budding artists using this to make their own beats and record to them for fun. And as long as they are really royalty free, then you could maybe use the project. The only issue is mixing or transferring each wave one by one. But anything can be done! 

  • User Friendliness: 2.5
  • Wow Factor: 3
  • Sounds: 4
  • Overall: 3.5


Corny sounds and missing options make Beatwave not worth the iPhone storage space. No audio recording or many other features in this beat sequencer make it a basic app to use. The corny sounds make it worse.

  • User Friendliness: 3
  • Wow Factor: 0
  • Sounds: 2
  • Overall: 2


The 4 instrument limitation is annoying, but Groovebox is not a horrible app. The sounds could be better, but it’s a good start. The modules remind me of the reason platform, but by looks only, not functionality. There is potential with this app if they send some updates to add some more features.

  • User Friendliness: 3
  • Wow Factor: 0
  • Sounds: 1
  • Overall: 1.5


Groovepad is another so called beat making loop player that is designed to basically make you want to pay for their loops. You do not have any options to really manipulate anything. The sounds are mixed well, but That’s because these seem like songs that people made that sucked and they just stripped them down to give to others for a fee. That could be okay if you like some of the loops. 

  • User Friendliness: 3
  • Wow Factor: 1
  • Sounds: 2.5
  • Overall: 2.5


Figure is straight trash! It’s likely an email and data grab. I can’t even put in words how crappy this app was when trying to make a beat. Watch the video and get just as annoyed as I was when I tapped on this bullshit! I want my email address back!

  • User Friendliness:1
  • Wow Factor: 0
  • Sounds: 0
  • Overall: 0.5


This is a straight email grab! There are no options but to change packs, go to the apps store, and record. No metronome, bpm settings, playback, quantize, undo, step sequencer, instruments……..basically nothing but hella loud sounds that are horrible and all of this crap after making you put in your email address! Steer clear from this bull shit! Beatmaker is likely truing to capitalize off the SEO of its name! What a bunch of lames! The

  • User Friendliness: 0
  • Wow Factor: 0
  • Sounds: 0
  • Overall: -9,387,289,987


I don’t understand why most of these apps have issues with the metronome count in! But besides that issue, Bandlabs is a pretty fun and free app to use. A lot of the samples used have a drum sound within them making it hard to just make some dope melodies before adding drums. There are a lot of pro features though and the ability to record lyrics and even a lyric pad to write and read and you record your vocals. Plus a lot of effects for your vocals. 

  • User Friendliness: 3.5
  • Wow Factor: 2
  • Sounds: 3.5
  • Overall: 2.8

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