iPhone/iPad Beat Making

Why Not Have Fun Making Beats While On The Go?

Here Are The Top Beat Making Apps For iPhones And iPads

  • iMaschine 2
  • Garageband
  • Korg Gadget 2
  • iMPC
  • FL Studio Mobile

These are our top choices. However, if you were to go to the top choices listed under the app store for beat production, you will find a whole lot of apps that are just out there to try to take your money. Well, I cannot say that for sure since I have not tried them all, but I can tell you that they do not come from reputable sources that have already been in the music production game. That does not mean that they cannot make a nice app though, but for there to be a plethora of them on there, it just makes me believe that anyone that could make a app that could trigger a sound has decided to jump on the band wagon.

That is why I decided to write this article about making beats on your idevices. When you already know the reputable companies in the game for beat production, then you know what to look for when trying to get a good quality app to have fun with and also be able to actually use what you made in a real song. That’s right, some of these apps, if not all, will allow you to easily transfer the song you made onto your computer and add more things on top like instruments and vocals. That makes it more then just fun, it makes it not a waste of your time. You could literally tap out a multi platinum hit, all from your apple device.

Searching For An App To Make Beats For iPhones And iPads

Apps for making beats on iphone and ipad

When you first go to the app store, what do you type in to look for beat making apps for your iPhone and iPad? Well, I tried it myself first with terms such as beat making, beat production, music production, and beat making app. Every one of those brought up some results. But none of them brought up the results I was looking for. I then decided to look through the categories and under the Music category, there is a music makers section and more. Still not what I was looking for. I noticed FL studios under the “Top Paid” category and was thinking I was getting somewhere. But then after that, it took several scrolls before I could find another app that was reputable like the iMPC.

That is the purpose for this list. I wanted to give an idea of what types of apps were available, why I like them, and why they are worth you tapping that buy button.

iMaschine 2 App For Making Beats On iPhone and iPads

Imaschine app sof making beats

This is by far one of my favorite apps for making beats on the phone and tablet. I may be a little bias due to me being a lover of the maschine hardware by Native Instruments for years now, but literally it is one of the funnest apps to use to make a beat. You get drum pads, keys, and a vocal recording option! It comes with a lot of sounds along with sound packs you can download for 99 cents whenever you get bored and want to burn a buck. And the sounds are actually pretty good! If you have ever worked with the maschine hardware then you will be able to pick this up right out of the gate and get going. If this is your first time to it, its easy to navigate and figure out in order to get you making progress.

I do have some drawbacks about the app. There is a 4 track limit. Yes, you can make a lot of things happen in 4 tracks alone, but the more the better. They don’t give you enough options under the note repeat for whatever reason. And it is a bit limiting when it comes to sampling music or sounds. I’m not a sampler really, but that could come in handy for many others. But even with those drawbacks, thats where having the hardware comes into play. Whatever mini tracks I make on my devices that I really think have some potential, I can literally send the Maschine file with the midi data and instrument wavs directly to my computer and open it up and start adding unlimited tracks and instruments to it. So its really more of a starter app to get our juices flowing while on the go. I’m okay with the limitations, but I just hope to be able to get a ton more sounds in it in the future.

Garageband for making beats on your iDevice

Garageband for making beats on your iDevice

This is another one of my favorite apps for production on the phones and tablets. This is made by Apple and is a very powerful app. Not only can you make beats along with recording vocals, you also have a lot of tracks you can add. You can also add in lots of effects, but the main thing is that you can add in other apps and use them like Virtual Instruments, in essence allowing you to use multiple apps all in one app to make beats and full out tracks! You can plug in accessories to get instruments like electric guitars and more to work with the app as well and add real time effects to it. There is just an amazing amount of things you can do with this app. It does come with some stock sounds, some are okay while others, like the drums, are hella cheesy. So the ability to use other apps really helps it stand out better since it lacks pizazz in those areas.

Korg Gadget 2. Fun, Great Sounds, But Still Missing Something

Korg Gadget 2. Fun, Great Sounds, But Still Missing Something

This could just be me. I mean, The app is very powerful also allowing you to have a ton of tracks, it has an array of instruments, great preset sounds and sound design options, the ability to purchase additional sounds and instruments, and more. There is not a native way to record vocals but you can I believe use something with its Zurich audio recorder to make it happen. The drums can be a bit cheesy on there as well, but can be processed a bit to sound okay. There are some really awesome synth and bell sounds on there. Along with other sounds from the Korg family. If they can add some better drums and more options in the app, then this could be one to use over and over again.

iMPC, I’m Probably The Wrong One To Review This App

iMPC, I'm Probably The Wrong One To Review This App

The MPC is mostly a machine best suited for sample based producers. It makes taking a song and chopping it up to remake it into something new its main priority. So much so that it does not come with hardly many sounds inside of the app, nor does the hardware. For those that are MPC heads out there, this app is likely a perfect addition to your arsenal, whereas for me, I just get frustrated with every MPC I have ever laid fingertips on. So I will not say don’t buy, it, I will say buy it, try it, and see for yourself.

Fruity Loops At Your Fingertips

Fruity Loops At Your Fingertips

This actually just became available on the apple devices, so I have not been able to check it out yet, but soon I will update this page with my review. Until then, Check it out for yourself!

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